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10" Speaker for Blackstar HT1R

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06/16/2015 10:40pm

I just got a Lopoline 10" cabinet to hook up to my Blackstar HT1R combo. The combo as is sounds very boxy and boomy but is also a dark sounding amp. This is mainly for home use, I play a lot of rock/metal music like Queens of the stone age or Mastadon. I was wondering any suggestions on a speaker that would open/brighten up the sound a bit and accomodate my style of music.



10/12/2015 11:17pm

Hi there

 Did you ever get a answer on this question ? Or what did you decide on for a speaker ?  Im after the same info .

10/27/2015 3:31pm

Man ... your issue is two-fold ... the tone of the amp and the boxy tone of that cab!

I'm going to say the best prescription for your ailment will be the G10C ... which DOES have a huge bottom ... but also has a LOT of upper-mid & top-end!

Another option MIGHT be the Ret 10 ... but my 1st choice will be the G10C

Christopher Rogers
07/26/2020 12:02pm

Acknowledging I'm responding to this 5 years after the fact, just figured I'd add that I replaced the stock speaker in my blackstar ht1r mkii with the G8C speaker and it really opened up the sound. Gave me a bit more highs and overall has a less boxy sound to it. There are, of course, limitations with such a small combo amp--it will never not truly be boxy compared to bigger amps. However, I can get some really nice tones out of this now.

I've never changed out the speaker in a cabinet, but you should give the G8C a shot and see what you think. it's only $40--pretty cheap and easy upgrade.


08/20/2020 10:33am

Awesome! Thanks, Chris for taking the time to post your results here :-)

Aiden James
11/19/2020 8:41pm

Hello. If I could fit a 10” speaker in the cabinet of the Blackstar HT1 combo (which uses an 8” spkr) would that make it sound any better? The combo is roughly 12” x 12” x 7” for the dimensions and I don’t mind drilling the holes for the new speaker.

12/07/2020 4:56pm

Hi Aiden ... not really ... the cab is just too small for a 10 to breathe.