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10" green beret?

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05/28/2011 11:24am

just curious if there was any plans for a 10" version of the green beret

05/30/2011 8:26am

I'm a fan of the 10" speaker ... especially in groups of four or two.  I usually play my Marshall 3203 through a 1965B cab - which is a sealed-back 4-10 ... and my most beloved amp is my '67 4-10 Super Reverb.  With the G10's and the Vet 10, WGS has a history of making some really great sounding 10" speakers.  I own a pair of the Celestion Vintage 10's ... and they actually really sound quite awful.  I have not yet heard Celestion's 10" version of the Green Back (it's made in China, right??) ... but I'll just bet WGS could make a better sounding Britt ten.  I'll add my voice in support of such an endeavor!

06/04/2011 7:26pm

yeah i love 10 inch speakers and the green beret (and celestion counterpart to an extent) just sound great to me especially in lower wattage amps(30 watts and under)

05/25/2012 2:06pm

Apologies for the necro-bump, but any chance a 10" Green Beret is any closer to reality? 

05/29/2012 10:40pm

I got a chance to listen to one last time I visited the plant.  It was only a quick listen, but I thought it sounded as good as the Celestion, but Daniel & Dean were not satisfied ... I guess "as good as" will never satisfy any of us!  So, anyway, I can confirm that it is something that is actively being pursued; I can't imagine it being too terribly long before they are deamed "ready to wear the WGS name".

12/20/2017 11:11am

Update: Yes, they are live and well loved :-)